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Mar 18, 2013 8:30pm EDT
to the 600 million-dollar tax increase that obama won in january and they trillion dollars of obamacare tax increases that most americans are unaware of and they don't know that they are getting and obama never talks about the trillion dollars in tax increases starting this year for obamacare. 1.6 and 1.5 is a 3 trillion-dollar tax increase over the next decade if the democratic budget passes and a never balances because they turn round and spend another -- hundreds of millions of dollars more on stimulus programs as well as other stuff. they do more spending with more taxes but with the brian budget does is very interesting for the republican future. it reforms entitlement, protecting everybody over 55 for many changes and makes changes so that younger people will still have these programs. it takes all the welfare programs, 185 different welfare programs and block grants the largest and most expensive ones just as clinton did with aid to families with children. we have this reform of entitlement and reform of these welfare programs and tax reform taking the top rate on individuals to 25%
Mar 20, 2013 8:00pm EDT
.4%. and the budget balances. but president obama says he's not interested in balancing the budget. my goal is not to chase a balanced budget, he says. and i know my colleagues, they use the word "balanced." now, i said earlier that they used the word "balanced" tonight 14 times. i've been corrected. 24 times, i believe, already tonight my colleagues have used the word "balanced" in relation to this budget that never balances and never will balance. because they're not concerned about balancing the budget. that is not what it's about with them. they think bringing the budget into balance, like most states have to do, all cities and counties have to do, that this is austerity. oh, we can't have austerity. that might hurt the government, somebody might lose their job, they no longer would be paid to do some worthless job that doesn't produce anything, but we have to keep paying them anyway, because it would be austere to cut that. senator harkin said in february, "we have the richest nation in the world. if we're so rich, why are we so broke?" is it a spending problem? no, it's because we hav
Mar 21, 2013 8:00pm EDT
agreed with president obama that our debt does not present -- quote -- "an immediate crisis." so you might think the house budget would phase in cuts responsibly so we can protect our fragile recovery. well, instead the house republican budget would do serious damage to job creation and job growth and doubles down on the harmful cuts from sequestration which the nonpartisan congressional budget office estimates will lower employment by 750,000 jobs this year alone and slow our economic growth. mr. president, the house republican budget will weaken our economy in the long term as well. as any new business owner will tell you, in tight times the last thing you want to do is cut investments that help you make you stronger. that's what the house republican budget does. it cuts investments in education so our students and workers are less prepared for the jobs of the future. it would undermine our ability to upgrade our roads and bridges and highways and ports, even though our national infrastructure just got a d-plus from the american society of civil engineers. and the house budget woul
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3